Another computer crash?  Technology stress has scored again! Deadlines are approaching and critical files are lost.

As a society, we are dependant on computer technology and when we need it most, it often sabotages us. Computer crashes cause us anger, stress; cholesterol levels rise! We can get shaky, feel tense or sick to our stomach. Stress is responsible for 80% of all doctors’ visits.

Many people react emotionally to machines that have no sense of concern or let alone remorse for what they’ve done to us by stopping cold. To encourage anxiety relief, firstly, it’s best to alter your perception of events and attitudes so that you can remain calm in an increasingly technological society.

Three Rescue Remedies for Computer Stress

1) Take a few deep breaths and think to yourself: “Tomorrow the sun will rise again. This too will pass.” These positive thinking techniques help both mental and physical well-being.

2) Either fix the problem yourself or call a technician who can. In the meantime, to help you relax, either go for a short walk around the block, get a cup of soothing green tea or do shoulder rolls! Once you’re calm, you’ll be more able to form an action plan to resolve consequences of the crash. Negative attitudes (screaming at technicians) only alienates those who can help you.

3) Be prepared! Make sure you have excellent backup systems. If freezes or crashes do happen again, practice these simple stress relief tips to save your sanity!